Introducing the Newest Mala Prayer Beads 108 to Our Shop!

Precious Emerald with its lush green hues is soothing, healing, and restorative for mind-body-spirit. These precious Emerald gems from Colombia, are hand-selected for this special mala specifically for their amazing properties, especially for the heart chakra and healing energies.

Thought to encourage love, bliss, harmony, and unity these beautiful Emeralds have been paired with a semi precious powerhouse in its own right ~ rare Green Moonstone. The two of these beauties combined are reflective of balance, grounding and positive energy flow - helping to bring one into greater awareness, peace, and alignment within. Especially beneficial for meditation, yoga, and prayer, this mala combination encourages its user toward calm rhythmic breathing, deepening meditative states, and helps one to emit radiance of divine light and love outward to others and our beautiful planet.

Healing & Restorative for mind-body-spirit

Green energies; healing for heart chakra & archangel energies

Encouraging of love, bliss, harmony, and unity

Come by and take a look at this new, amazing, healing energy mala!

NEW for Spring ~ Mala Prayer Beads 108 ~

Peach Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone & Garnet!

This divinely powerful 108 bead hand-knotted mala is created with a combination of absolutely stunning 8mm Peach Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone, and Garnet semi-precious gemstones.

What an incredibly exquisite mala coupled with three amazing gems, perfect for any prayer, yoga, and/or meditation practice.

The beads of this hand-knotted mala 108 are highly polished and are incredibly smooth in the hands. The Rainbow Moonstones have white iridescence and some wonderful blue flashing (and a few tiny inclusions of black tourmaline) while the Peach Moonstone have many beautiful shimmerings included as well.

This combination of gemstones with sparkling Garnet is such an energizing effect for mind-body-spirit while helping to boost creativity and universal positive energy flow. The hand-selected 12mm Rainbow Moonstone guru bead is such a beauty with some amazing swirls of inclusions. This mala is sure to bring a high vibrational energy to any spiritual practice! Enjoy! ~

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~ NEW Mala Stretch Bracelet ~

Peach Moonstone & Tourmaline semi precious!

This mala stretch bracelet is created with stunning Peach Moonstone gems, which dance in beautiful iridescence as they play across the light.

Paired with them are six hand-selected dark variety of Tourmaline gems with accents of stunning dark brown and burgundy inclusions within the beads.

Peach Moonstone encourages the divine in all situations and can soothe emotions while providing love and peaceful energies.

This bracelet arrives gift boxed and ready for gift giving. Enjoy!

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Blessings of Love & Inner Peace

Now is the time to begin to prepare our hearts inwardly toward being more open to the divine love flowing within us, which allows us to be channels of that love and light, so that we can pass it along to others we meet each day.

We can prepare ourselves for our quite times of inner reflection, prayer, meditation and/or yoga techniques by learning to still our body and mind in a comfortable position with eyes closed and spine/back straight. Begin with a simple prayer, chant, or other devotional offering while focusing upon the breath. Take a deep breath in, while envisioning that you are breathing in the divine flow of love and peace. Then, on the exhale, breathe out any worries that come to your mind. Let them go with the exhalation and feel your body starting to relax. Repeat this process a few times or until you feel calm, centered and relaxed.

Allow yourself some time to sit in the inner silence, continuing to still your mind, body, spirit and allowing yourself to receive the divine love and light that comes from this stillness within.

Then, bring to mind all the blessings you have in your life at this very moment. What you are grateful for, the people in your life that are special to you, and that you hold near and dear. See yourself becoming a channel of the divine love and light. Envision the most beautiful and pure white light surrounding you and your entire body. Relax even further and feel yourself being embraced by this light. Hold this thought of love and devotion within your heart center and feel for yourself the sweetness of divine love.

Then, envision those people in your life that are special to you. Feel their hearts near your own, and envision yourself sharing this pure white light with them. Feel that you are a channel of this light, and you are simply sharing it with those whom you love.

Lastly, envision yourself now sharing this light with the world. Blessings of love and inner peace come from opening our own hearts to the flow of divine love, and even greater blessings can come when we share that love and light with all whom we meet.

May we be always open to the love and light already within us and may we always share that flow with all whom we meet. AUM, Peace, Amen.

Amethyst is an AMAZING gemstone / crystal. We have many malas and bracelets created with this powerful gem, and this month, they are all on SALE for 15% Off!

Mala Prayer Beads 108 created with amazing Rainbow Fluorite & Amethyst gemstones. Read about all the amazing properties of working with these gems simply by clicking on the photo to your left.

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