Choosing a Mala

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Choosing a Mala

Choosing a mala shouldn't be a complicated task, but instead it should be a fun, joyful process.  Some people prefer to use one mala for their entire practice, while others tend to enjoy several or even an entire collection of malas for each specific mantra, meditation or intention in which they practice.  You could also choose to wear a mala for the properties of the gemstones themselves and / or as a beautiful necklace.

​Choosing a mala for your own specific needs is an important aspect of the journey that shouldn't be overlooked.  Before purchasing your mala, consider reflecting on your intended uses for it.  Are you using it for meditation, yoga, japa, mantra, prayer, or all of the above, etc.?  Being clear initially on your specific uses will help to ensure you purchase the right mala for your needs including the specific gems or wood beads that correlate to your purpose(s).

Gemstones and sacred woods (like Rudraksha) are very special gifts to all of us from nature, each carrying their own unique properties.  They seem to call to their owners at the appropriate timing, so you may not be surprised if you feel drawn to a specific gemstone and/or color throughout the selection process.  When you feel intuitively guided to a specific gem or wood, it is thought to be a great blessing to work with it at that time.

We encourage you to browse the site, gaze into the photos and allow the loving vibrations of the stones to consciously guide your spirit to the appropriate ones for your journey.

Connect with us anytime if you would like to discuss a custom order.  We are happy to create a beautiful, special piece for your journey - unique to you and your needs. ❤

Malas of Various Sizes
Although a typical strand of mala prayer beads is comprised of 108 beads, there are other variations of mala sizes as well. The measurements we've shared with you below include our typical in-stock items and these measurements are also listed on its product sales page as a reminder as well.

Please keep in mind that a custom order may be a completely different size than what we have listed in stock.  Connect with us for details if you prefer a specific mala length or spacers at different intervals. 

Full Malas - 108 Beads
A full mala is typically comprised of 108 main beads and may contain additional spacer beads, depending upon the individual practice of the user.  Full malas are larger in size and are approximately 34-inches+ in their circumference, not including guru bead or tassel. (see individual listings here on the site for each specific mala.) They typically go over the head easily and wear very comfortably.

Full Malas - 108 Beads (Kriya Yoga Mala)
A full mala created and used for Kriya yoga practice utilizes 108 beads, which include the guru and kriya spacer beads.  The kriya spacer beads are placed at every 12th bead for your sequences of twelve kriya's.
(We also create full 108 kriya malas without spacers for those who prefer none.)

Half Mala - 54 Beads
A half mala has 54 main beads and may contain spacer beads as well, depending upon the need of the individual.  Half size malas are convenient in size and are approximately 21-inches+ approximately in their circumference, not including guru bead or tassel. 

Pocket Mini Malas - 36 Beads (Kriya Yoga Mala)
A pocket mini mala used for Kriya yoga practice utilizes 36 beads, which include the guru and kriya spacer beads.  The kriya spacer beads are placed at every 12th bead for your sequences of twelve kriya's.

Pocket Mini Malas - 27 Beads
Typically a mini pocket mala has 27 main beads (or more) depending upon the practice and may also include additional spacer beads.  Mini malas are convenient since they fit well in a pocket and are approximately 10-inches+ in their circumference, not including guru bead or tassel.

Mala Wire Bracelets & Yoga Stretch Bracelets
We create mala bead bracelets with silver-plated memory wire and yoga stretch bracelets with durable stretch cording for those who prefer to wear their mala on the wrist.

Custom Order Requests
Do you prefer something not listed or wish to work with someone to design something completely unique? Spacer beads located differently or no spacers at all?
We make custom orders of any size or style!

​Connect with us today about creating a beautiful custom order piece, handmade just for you!