Enlightened Lotus Blossom Collection

Bliss Malas Exclusive Collection

Join us in welcoming our newest exclusive collection here at Bliss Malas ~ the Enlightened Lotus Blossom Collection.

The designs for the malas and bracelets featured in this collection manifested after much research for finding the perfect complementing gemstones that would help one's spiritual journey toward enlightenment. 


The perfect gems were sought for qualities of divine love, spiritual wisdom and understanding, devotion to one's spiritual path, connecting to divine truth, channeling higher frequencies, awakening the Crown, Spiritual Eye, & Etheric Chakras, Violet Ray energies, and for chakra balancing as well.


What transpired are the mala beads and bracelets we present to you here. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we did creating them. Please check back often, as we are continually adding to this collection. :) Enjoy!