Mala Basics, Cleaning & Care


Mala Basics
All of our products are made with the finest of materials to be long-lasting and to have great durability and strength for your daily, continued use. 

For us, the recipe for a fantastic mala starts with four main ingredients;

  1. quality threads; 100% pure silk for strength & durability 

  2. quality, natural gemstones, powerful rudraksha and/or other sacred wood beads

  3. quality silk for our handmade tassels

  4. compassionate love & care in its creation ~ from start to finish

The finishing touch that makes this recipe whole is its special recipient, you!

​We strive for excellent craftsmanship in each piece we create for you.  

We work with many different types of semi-precious (and precious) gemstones and minerals and with our dedication, love and careful craftsmanship, you can be certain that you're receiving only the best quality piece for your needs.  We have beaded custom orders for personal use, weddings & showers, baby showers, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, renunciation ceremonies and so much more.

Hand Knotted Mala Prayer Beads with Silk Threads
Our handmade knotted malas are made with genuine 100% natural semi-precious gemstone beads and are hand-knotted between each bead using 100% pure silk threads.  Our handmade tassels are equally created with same pure silk threads as well.

Monofilament Corded Mala Necklaces
Our corded malas are created with clear monofilament cording, which is very long-lasting and durable carrying 14lb strength.

Gemstone Yoga Stretch Bracelets
Our stretch bracelets are created with clear, durable stretch cording and safely secured for ease of wearing and sliding on and off the wrist.

Memory Wire Bracelets
Our memory wire bracelets are created with silver-plated memory wire, are very durable and keep their shape beautifully.

Mala Cleaning & Care
A simple polishing cloth can be used regularly to gently clean your mala and its gemstone beads. The brass, silver and/or copper-colored spacers used throughout our designs can tarnish over time due to their exposure of oil from the skin.  You can clean them  with a polishing cloth as well and it will remove any light tarnishing.

Your mala should be kept in a cool, dry area away from extreme moisture or heat when not in use.  Always avoid harsh pulling or stretching, as it will weaken the thread and/or cording and may result in damage to your mala over a period of time.  Gently and respectfully using your mala each time and tucking it away securely when not in use will help to ensure its longevity.

Mala Re-Stringing Service
Should your mala break or you need it restrung at anytime, we do offer the service for a fee. Connect with us here on the site for further information and we'll be happy to help.