Midnight Moon

Mala Beads Collection

Loving and protecting


Can help us to raise our consciousness

Midnight Moon Mala Beads Collection

Welcome to our NEW exclusive Midnight Moon Mala Beads Collection. This collection is designed around two featured semi precious gemstones; Rainbow Moonstone and Black Tourmaline. These two gems paired together capture intrigue and mystical energies, they are loving and protecting, and they can help us to raise our consciousness. This heirloom collection of mala prayer beads are designed as companions for our daily use in prayer, yoga, meditation and/or other spiritual practices. 

The Rainbow Moonstones are absolutely stunning, Grade A+ from India, they are full of inclusions, some blue flashes, and chatoyancy, making them such a captivating representation of the moon. The Black Tourmaline gems are so beautiful, sleek, and have a gorgeous high luster, making them a stunning representation of the midnight sky. The collection is completed with stunning crescent moon charms.

A most powerful combination of gemstones; loving and protecting while helping us to raise our consciousness.


These handmade mala prayer beads 108 and mini travel sized mala beads 27 are both hand-knotted with thick and durable black silk cording, handmade pure silk tassels, and include a beautiful attached crescent moon charm, which completes these powerful and striking malas.

The yoga stretch bracelet is designed to stretch and be worn easily on the wrist at 6.5-inches to 7.0-inches with ease. If you need a different size, please just connect with us.


An empowering companion for any prayer, yoga, meditation or other spiritual practice.


They remind us of the gorgeous silvery moon under a blackened midnight sky. Enjoy!