Amazonite Mini Mala, Pocket Mala 27 Beads, Wrist Mala, Yoga, Meditation

Amazonite Mini Mala, Pocket Mala 27 Beads, Wrist Mala, Yoga, Meditation



-Multi-Color Amazonite

-Genuine, Semi Precious Gemstones

-Mala Beads 27 - Pocket Size

-Beautifully gift-boxed

-In Stock ~ Ready to Ship


This mini mala prayer beads 27 is created with 27 main beads of beautiful 8mm semi precious Amazonite gemstones, in a multi-color setting. One of my favorite gems to work with because of its powerful positivity and its earthy array of hues are both calming and soothing for mind-body-spirit.

Whether you meditate, pray, practice yoga, japa or mantra with your mala (or all!) ~ in working with Amazonite one seems to feel calmed and stilled while experiencing divine love, harmony and clarity within. This is certainly a gemstone that imbues positive energy flow, making it an excellent gemstone for carrying with you. In carrying it with you, you continue this flow of positive energy surrounding your aura throughout your day.

Amazonite is an excellent semi precious gem to assist one in dispelling negative energies while helping to balance the heart and throat chakra. While in meditation, simply hold your mala beads to your throat and then to your heart chakra for a few moments and feel connected with its loving vibrations.

Going around this mala four times provides for the full 108 repetitions. This little mala is a wonderful addition to your practice, encouraging deep peace and harmony within. It will arrive lovingly gift-boxed and packed with care, inside its shipping box. Enjoy!


(*props in photos are not included with mala purchase.*)