Golden Enlightened Lotus Blossom Mala Prayer Beads 108, African Opal, Citrine

Golden Enlightened Lotus Blossom Mala Prayer Beads 108, African Opal, Citrine


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-African Opal - Aqua Terra - Citrine

-Genuine, Semi Precious Gemstones

-Mala Beads 108 Hand-Knotted

-Beautifully gift-boxed

-In Stock ~ Ready to Ship


The Golden Enlightened Lotus Mala Prayer Beads 108 is created with absolutely stunning 8mm semi precious African Opal and Citrine gemstones. Their colors blend together beautifully, bringing forth warming, comforting, and nurturing vibes for your spiritual practice!

The African Opal gemstones combined with the stunning 14mm Citrine guru bead and three Citrine spacers bring the wearer beautiful qualities of encouragement toward inner clarity, promoting love and compassion toward self and others. Very nurturing and inspiring energies help to open and balance the throat and heart chakra while absorbing negative energies. Spiritual and emotional balance is encouraged with easing of inner fears and worries.

Citrine, a high-vibrational form of quartz, which is a Master Healer, is included for balance and activating and energizing all chakras, but especially the sacral and solar plexus chakras while helping one with creativity and mental focus throughout the day. Balancing and strengthening for the aura, this mala can help one reach tranquil, peaceful energies that uplift the consciousness during yoga, meditation, prayer, etc. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did in creating it. ॐ

Lotus is regarded in many different cultures around the world, perhaps most universally noted to be a symbol of purity and enlightenment. It also stands for the "thousand-petaled lotus" located above the crown chakra, representing pure consciousness and attainment of self-realization.

This mala includes a unique and beautiful golden-tone lotus blossom attached to your tassel, symbolizing your own spiritual journey ~ always in bloom and always growing ever more toward enlightenment. Enjoy!

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