Mala Prayer Beads 108, Apatite, Aquamarine, Yoga Beads

Mala Prayer Beads 108, Apatite, Aquamarine, Yoga Beads



-Apatite - Aquamarine

-Genuine, Semi Precious Gemstones

-Mala Beads 108 Hand-Knotted

-Beautifully gift-boxed

-In Stock ~ Ready to Ship


This mala is created with 8mm semi precious main beads of blue Apatite, which are absolutely stunning and remarkably detailed. You'll enjoy wearing this mala outdoors, as the natural sunlight showcases its many bands and rings in an array of stunning hues and is truly such a joy to wear and/or carry with you for your prayers, mantra, japa, meditation and/or yoga. Hand-knotted with strong and durable silk cording in a light shade of blue, it accentuates the beauty of these beads. 

Powerful Aquamarine gemstones were chosen as the spacers and guru bead which creates such a soothing light sky blue contrast against the striking Apatite beads. Truly a remarkable strand of prayer beads, perfect for any spiritual practice. Enjoy!


(*props in photos are not included with mala purchase.*)