Sun Moon Sky Enlightened Lotus Blossom Mala Prayer Beads 108 Knotted

Sun Moon Sky Enlightened Lotus Blossom Mala Prayer Beads 108 Knotted


-Sunstone - Rainbow Moonstone - Lapis Lazuli

-Genuine, Semi Precious Gemstones

-Mala Beads 108 Hand-Knotted

-Beautifully gift-boxed

-In Stock ~ Ready to Ship


The Sun Moon Sky Enlightened Lotus Blossom Mala Prayer Beads 108 is created with absolutely stunning 8mm semi precious Sunstone, Rainbow Moonstone & Lapis Lazuli.


Their colors blend together beautifully, bringing forth pops of amazing hues to uplift your spiritual practice each day! There are MANY blue flashes and chatoyancy found in the Rainbow Moonstone (although very difficult to capture in photos!) The Lapis Lazuli is natural, Grade A, and absolutely beautiful with amazing deep blue hues and pyrite seen throughout. The Sunstone is very warming and nurturing with its beautiful array of orange hues.

The combination of these three semi precious gems bring forth a wealth of positive vibes for your practice. Sunstone, a reflection of our sun, helps energize the chakras, dissolving fears and stressors. It also provides protection and encourages expanded awareness and uplifted consciousness as it reflects its beautiful qualities of light and warmth.

Rainbow Moonstone & Lapis Lazuli are two incredible gems noted for their amazing benefits of lifting the consciousness and guiding one toward enlightenment. These gems have the energies of enhancing one's personal and spiritual power, which is key for very conducive meditation, prayer, japa, mantra, etc.

Lotus is regarded in many different cultures around the world, perhaps most universally noted to be a symbol of purity and enlightenment. It also stands for the "thousand-petaled lotus" located above the crown chakra, representing pure consciousness and attainment of self-realization.

This mala includes a unique and beautiful golden-tone lotus blossom charm attached to your tassel, symbolizing your own spiritual journey ~ always in bloom and always growing ever more toward enlightenment. Arrives in a beautiful white gift-box with tissues, ready for gifting! Enjoy!

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