The Blissful Nature of Handmade

As a small family of jewelry artisans, we handcraft everything from start to finish in our peaceful home studio, here in Texas.


We are surrounded by beautiful landscape, wildflowers, songbirds, hummingbirds, honey bees, and everything serene you would expect to find in the countryside. We are greatly inspired by the beauty of the natural world and try to reflect that serenity into each and every product we create.

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The Finishing Touches

Every handmade product we offer is created one-by-one with love, focus and attention to detail. From hand-selecting the beautiful, natural gemstone beads, to stringing materials, hand-knotting threads, right down to adding the final touches of a handmade pure silk tassel, this is our joy! Fulfilling stock and custom orders, to hand-packaging and shipping, this is the true essence of handmade. The natural precious and semi precious gemstone beads are the focal point of our products. We've spent many years researching, working with, and enjoying gemstones from all over the world and we are thrilled to share them with you, each with their own uniquely beautiful, positive vibrations.

The Blissful Handcrafted Details

All of our items include;

  • Natural, semi precious or precious gemstones

  • Natural rudraksha and/or genuine wood beads

  • 100% pure silk cording; for durability and strength - made to last

  • Hand-knotting between each bead for comfort and ease of use

  • Handmade 100% pure silk tassels

  • Eco-friendly gift box with every order - packed with love and care

  • Each shipment is perfect for gift-giving & includes white jewelry box

  • Shipped via USPS First Class Mail w/order tracking or Priority

  • Care instructions and gemstone property cards with every order

  • All beads are cleansed, blessed and energized before 

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We cleanse, bless and energize each shipment before it departs on its journey to you:

  • Cleanse; we fresh-water cleanse all of our gemstones before use in their intended creation

  • Each gemstone bead is personally hand-chosen for the specified design

  • Bless; each completed piece is prayed over & a special mantra is chanted over the piece

  • Energize; we can Reiki charge each item before it departs on its journey for you (just ask us at checkout!)

Care in the Packaging

Our packaging is elegantly branded and is just as important to us as the product itself. We strive to make each package feel as special as a gift for the recipient; whether it's for you or being gifted to someone you love.


All of our items are blissfully packaged in eco-friendly materials and are perfect for gift giving! 


All orders arrive: in a white swirl gift box with cotton insert and tissues and also include mala and bracelet care instructions card, gemstone properties cards and complimentary gift wrap (just ask us at checkout!)